Saturday, August 28, 2010

You know what I hate? #1 = Politics

It really is some serious bullshit, don't you think?  We, the American people are lied to daily by the large body of rulers we ourselves were conned into electing.  They wax and wane over the smallest and most trivial details of unimportant legislation all the while outside their sealed mahogany doors, this once great nation falls into chaos.

Look around you, and you can see the symptoms of a sick nation, both figuratively and literally.  The United States is consistently falling behind other Western nations in rankings across the board as we fight amongst ourselves over ideals and laws that were antiquated and quaint three decades ago.  A much needed healthcare reform nearly died in the senate, facing the harsh pen and stalwart stubbornness of the modern GOP.  This group, so hell bent on the only thing that's ever mattered to them - the destruction of the Democrats, have forgotten their real purpose is serving the common people, the ones who elected them.  When one looks even closer, the evidence is stark and obvious: the Republican party has long since abandoned any semblance of representing the blue collar workers they continue to trick into electing them season after season. 

How can people not see this obvious treachery?  It's hard to determine which is more outrageous, the outright bank robbery the GOP committed in 8 years under Bush, or the public's unwillingness to see the pandering to the rich.for what it really is.  Draining the public treasury surplus to give every adult enough money to go party for the weekend is surely a fair trade for the billions in tax write-offs corporations and private rich donors - the number one investors in conservative candidates - that the house and senate will proceed to pass under the public's nose.

I can't tell, conservatards, are you stupid or just ignorant?